ARCI is a diversified and lively association of social promotion. It was founded in 1957 for the construction of a democratic, supportive and pluralist society, founded on collaboration and participation of citizens, it still operates today through the activity of Cultural Associations and Clubs, for a total of about 5000 realities throughout Italy, for over 1 million members. ARCI is organized on a local basis and ARCI Lecce has about 30 active clubs and cultural associations; about 8,000 members and associates in the province of Lecce.

The Territorial Committee represents ARCI towards local bodies, institutions, social and political organizations of the area and it has a guiding and coordinating role for national and local initiatives and political campaigns for peace, rights and democratic participation, for social justice, for international solidarity, also providing the individual clubs organizational, planning, coordination and promotion support for the carried out activities.

ARCI Lecce is a no profit organization, that on a local and daily basis deal with culture, social promotion, solidarity and rights. It was born to be a place where everyone could have access to culture, the ARCI Clubs are now places where volunteer members dedicate themselves to their community, carrying out initiatives with a high social value and cultural proposals often avant-garde, building day by day a system in which commitment and culture are linked.